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Rogue Game Replay, 2015

Collaborators: Can Altay.

Dimensions: Variable.

Moving Imagery: 1 minute loops.

Materials: TV monitors, DVD players, assorted leads, coloured tape.

Supported by: University of the West of England.

Exhibited: firstsite, Colchester, 2015.

Rogue Game Replay was exhibited as part of the programme Playing with Space curated by Lawrence Bradby. The installation, a configuration of sports markings and monitors with moving image loops, is articulated in relation to the architecture of the gallery space. The footage presents the simultaneous playing of three sports in a multi-use sports hall with markings overlaid.

Playing with Space celebrates artists’ interventions into urban space, showing ways by which the presence of the human body can critique architecture. The event presented fifteen performance works through short films, two live performances and one spatial installation by artists from Europe, USA, Central America and Africa. The event tour included Norwich Art Centre, The Live Art Development Agency and firstsite, Colchester.

For further info visit https://playingwithspace.wordpress.com

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