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Critical Architecture, 2007

Robin Wilson, ‘Image, Text, Architecture: the presence that WAS HERE’ chapter on the work of Jonathan Mosley and Sophie Warren, published in Jane Rendell et al. (ed) Critical Architecture, (London: Routledge, 2007), pp. 130-134. ISBN 978-0-415-41538-5

Publishers summary: ‘Critical Architecture examines the relationship between critical practice in architecture and architectural criticism. Placing architecture in an interdisciplinary context, the book explores architectural criticism with reference to modes of criticism in other disciplines – specifically art criticism – and considers how critical practice in architecture operates through a number of different modes: buildings, drawings and texts.’

Robin Wilson writes a chapter within the publication focussing on our interventional work ‘Was Here’ in relation to a house design as reported in the architectural press with the work ‘Understanding the Measure of Things’.

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