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Beyond Utopia – the book, 2012

Dimensions: 25 x 18cm; 126 page, full colour book.

Sophie Warren and Jonathan Mosley (editors) Beyond Utopia, Surface Tension Supplement No. 5 published by Los Angeles/ Berlin: Errant Bodies Press, 2012. ISBN : 978-0-9827439-3-5. Distributed by DAP, New York.

Essays and works by: Maria Fusco [5,6], Brandon LaBelle, Marie-Anne McQuay, Paul O’Neill, Elizabeth Price [2,3], Jane Rendell [1], Lee Stickells [4], Robin Wilson, Warren & Mosley [4]. [Image order]

Beyond Utopia examines the space beyond utopia’s concern with the primacy of the single idea. Set at the intersection of the architectural imagination, the reality of urban development, critical writing and fiction, the publication creates a space of speculation on the architecture of utopia. The publication is centred on a screenplay by Warren and Mosley of a film never intended to be made. Writers and artists from various fields have been invited to fasten onto concepts raised in the screenplay and to develop their propositional nature. The essays and works contributed both contextualize and critique utopian thinking, ultimately locating utopia as a critical tool with which to speculate and reveal the limits of our present reality.

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