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Revolution Between Two Points, 2016

Moving Image: 8 minute loop.
Sound: 50:32 minutes.
Location: The French Communist Party Headquarters, Paris.

Exhibited: Cité international des arts, Paris, 2016; Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, London, 2018

From the series ‘Days of Action’, ‘Revolution between two points’ presents an individual action that took place whilst the artists were in residence at the French Communist Party HQ in Paris in 2016, an iconic Oscar Niemeyer designed building built between 1967-1980. The action plays on the ‘politics of motion’ – how political terms are indebted to the language of movement. The artist enacts the formal motion of revolution as she spins back and forth within the curved underground corridor of the communist party headquarters between conference hall, waiting area and delegation room. The movement is juxtaposed with a soundtrack in French of communist politician and writer Louis Aragon addressing the 13th Congress of the French Communist Party on an ‘Art of the Party’ in 1954. The central argument of Aragon’s speech is that French communist art must emancipate from Soviet socialist realism and develop a national perspective.  This national Art of the Party must act as the cement that binds all strata of the nation, employing form and content to promote sympathy, and potentially action, from the viewer.

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