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First Move, 2007

Moving imagery: 2 minute 15 second loop with sound

Visual technique: Moving image montage of a found postcard and video documentation of a construction site. 

‘First Move’ is the first station of a lost city, a thought held in the mind, an action suspended, a splicing of time, an aspiration lost, a dream about to begin.

Copyright the artists.  Use of the black and white photographic still ‘Relaying the James Caird’ by Frank Hurley from the Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition, led by Sir Ernest Shackleton, 1914-1916 courtesy of the Royal Geographical Society.

Exhibited / screened:

Sydney International Architecture Festival, Sydney, 2010

Crosstalk Video Art Festival, Budapest, 2010

‘Design Cinema Works’ ITU, Istanbul, 2008

‘Directors Lounge, Urban Film Programme’, 58th International Festival, Berlin, 2008


To watch film on Vimeo in separate window

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