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What is the Building Calling For? 2018

Proposition No. 26.

Dimensions: 30 x 21cm.

Materials: Multiple copies of printed paper in the form of a tear-a-way pad.

Exhibited: Days of Action at Tate Modern, London, 2018.

From the series ‘Days of Action’ that explores the affective force and political unconscious of architecture. Text of the proposition includes:

WHAT IS THE BUILDING CALLING FOR? (as a power house) (as a social force) (as a space of display) (as a discipline) (as an icon) (as an idea)

An invitation to address the building: Write on the cards provided, a few lines or few words in response to the question. Your ideas and observations form the content for a vocal and spatial action. Collectively address the building by relaying each other’s words through its architectural spaces, across voids and inclined planes, along corridors and down sweeping stairwells, until the building resounds and reverberates with one collective voice.

#whatisthebuildingcallingfor #daysofaction #warrenandmosley

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