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Utopian talk-show line-up at Eastside Projects, 2013

Utopian talk-show line-up at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, 2013 with MC Gavin Wade, artist, curator and director of Eastside Projects and readers:  Kathrin Bohm, artist; Gene George Earle, artist/urbanist; Richard Hawley, Director of Artistic Programming and Projects at Performances Birmingham; Marie-Anne McQuay, curator (Skype reader); Apexa Patel, writer. The setting for the talk show was within Gunilla Klingberg’s installation Parallelareal Variable 2013. Thanks to the MC and readers, Elinor Morgan, curator at Eastside Projects, video operators Yegor Isayev and Maya Darrell Hewins, photographer Katya Riabusheva (Katya and Yegor from Creative Aid), and for lighting Laurence Price and sound Samuel Rodgers.

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