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Rogue Game, Replay, 2011

Collaborators: Can Altay

Dimensions: Variable

Materials: iMac screensavers, TV monitors, DVD players, coloured tape, text, six occupied office workstations. Waiting (screensaver) from Warren&Mosley on Vimeo.

Exhibited: Casco, Utrecht, 2011

Within the exhibition setting the superimposed territories, rules and functions of the sports arena, the exhibition space and office of Casco are negotiated for inhabitation. A centre section of the multipurpose sports hall, at real scale is folded into the space of Casco, bringing into the space the architecture of the game, creating new thresholds and territories for the office workers to adhere to and play to. Further overlay and inter-play between Rogue Game and the exhibition and office settings occurs through the screening of Rogue Game play/action uploaded as screensavers and relayed to monitors within the abstracted court setting. The mediated and frenetic action of play heard in the sounds of whistles, shouts and squeaky shoes intermittently interrupts office work and defines a new gaming arena.


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