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Nothing Special, 2003

Proposition No.15.

Collaborators: Claire Doherty

Dimensions: 21cm x 24cm

Materials: Multiple copies of printed paper in the form of a tear-a-way pad

Nothing Special, Proposition No. 15 was developed in conversation with Claire Doherty as a proposal to FACT, Liverpool for an exhibition setting for artist video and mediated reel, Summer 2003

Text on pad reads: NOTHING SPECIAL

Collect and assemble the contents of five car boots and five household clearances in a designated exhibition space.  The sort should consist of: Upholstered furniture, wardrobes, bed-frames, chairs, sideboards, sofas, electrical goods, white goods, books, boxes, mirrors, records, prints of old masters, china, glassware, and an assortment of televisions and video/DVD players.  Stack household contents into orderly and disorderly piles.  Select a number of artist video works influenced by broadcast television.  Simultaneously screen the video works on the found televisions located within stabilised stacks.  Allow the light emitted from each television monitor to navigate the viewer through the space.  Allow the sound and silence from each looped sequence to interrupt all other sounds for the duration.  After a period of viewing advertise a day of sale.  Clearance begins.  Negotiate prices at all times.  Make a record of the day’s sales.

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