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Navigating the Game, 2012

Scenes: The Architect; Playing Dead; The Heist.

Dimensions: Each panel 150 x 95cm.

Materials: Vinyl on wall.

Graphic Design: Warren & Mosley with City Edition Studio.

Exhibited: Rogue Game at Spike Island, Bristol, 2012.

Navigating the Game uses the system of gallery text applied as vinyl on the wall to present the solo exhibition Rogue Game at Spike Island structured as three ‘scenes’. Each scene comprises of a short text and a gallery layout presented as a game plan with titles of the works comprising the ‘scene’ annotated. The three scenes introduce the main concepts of the show through a set of imaginary protagonists and events to propose the exhibition space as a walk-through narrative devised as a game. The fiction enlists the architecture of the gallery, the game court and its mediation to set up game time vs. real time vs. imaginary time, to destabilise familiar relations of spectatorship and participation. Within this immersive environment the frivolous illogics of play throws players and spectators into new territories where roles and identities are questioned and exchanged. Architecture and narrative articulates the boundaries between different senses of space and time, between the real and the fictional, the live and the mediated and the event and its image.

The fiction is inspired by Gummo, Harmony Korine, Collected Screenplays 1 (London: Faber and Faber, 2002).




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