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Platform, 2006

Commissioned by: The Architecture Centre for Architecture Week with funding from Arts Council England and first realised in the city of Bristol.

Dimensions: Models – 7 x 7 x 7cm.

Materials: Models of Jesomite and pigments, plywood case, paper maps, sack trolley, participants.

Instructions for a Game: The game board is the City. A case will contain a kit for a game – 70 Platforms and 70 maps. The moment the Platform is handed over the game begins. Choose your grid intersection point on the city map. Navigate your way to this point. Hold, drop, position or discard the Platform as near to the intersection point as possible. Document the Platform in position by a photograph or description and email or text to the address supplied.

The Object of the Game: Each individual action of positioning a platform within the city is a small but significant rupture in a landscape we know as planned and prescribed in its use. Collectively the action of the participants will create a new and momentary geography of the city and map the diversity and the intrigue of our built environment.

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