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Image, Text, Architecture, 2015

Robin Wilson writes extensively on the works Was Here and Understanding the Measure of Things focusing on our practice within a chapter and featuring a work on the front cover. In the opening passage of the chapter he writes of Understanding the Measure of Things as published on the front cover of The Architects Journal:

‘As a work of art the image functions through a playful diversion of architectural methods and motifs toward the accentuation of process and performance rather than design production itself. The hand and model frozen in position (the future position of the completed house) in the instant of photography would seem both to be part of a practical exercise within an architectural process, whilst also presenting something supplementary and interrogative to it. The hierarchy of process to end product is destabilised here, registering a wider intention in Warren & Mosley’s work to question the distinctions between art and architectural practice.’

Wilson, R. (2015) ‘Image, Text, Architecture: The Utopics of the Architectural Media’ (London: Ashgate)

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