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Broken Circuit / Playing Dead, 2012

Dimensions: Circuit dimensions variable according to location, here – 93 metres. Printed pad – 38x27cm.

Materials: White tape to create circuit, proposition as printed text on paper as a tearaway pad, sound.

Event: Broken circuit/ playing dead was the realisation of proposition number 25, developed for the architecture of the Spike Island galleries within the solo show Rogue Game. The circuit within the gallery space doubles up for a circuit of the streets where playing dead is proposed for continuous rehearsal. This used-up sense of play comments on the absurdity of our actions both in and outside the confines of the game.

The work invites the gallery viewer to action. The proposition reads: Mark out a single lane circuit with no start or finish line. Begin running or walking around the circuit at your own speed. At the right time fall down like you are dead. Break the circuit – one half of your body is on the circuit, the other half off. Remain motionless for some time. Get up and complete the lap.

The irregular sound of a gun may trigger your actions.

ExhibitedRogue Game at Spike Island, Bristol, 2012.

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