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Art, Disobedience and Ethics, 2017

Dennis Atkinson focuses on ‘Rogue Game’ in Atkinson, D (2017) ‘Art, Disobedience and Ethics: Adventures of Pedagogy’ (Palgrave Macmillan). An extract from p9:

‘Rogue Game illustrates the tensionalities between practices of the known and the not-known. I am using it to draw analogies with such tensionalities in practices of teaching and learning, where established forms of address, forms of knowledge, rituals of practice and theories of learning constitute pedagogical ‘knowns’ and where unexpected responses from learners, misalignments between a teacher’s expectations and what actually happens […] constitute the ‘not-known’ […]. The pedagogical aspect of Rogue Game concerning its dissensual dynamics (Ranciere), whereby heterogeneous games collide in the same space, encourages us to reflect on the architecture, divisions, regulations and boundaries of pedagogical spaces.’

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