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A Prospective Archaeology, 2011

Collaborators: Brandon LaBelle

Dimensions: Variable. Dimensions of model: 60cm x 52cm x 14cm.

Materials: Printed matter. Materials of model: Aluminium sheet, foil backed insulation board, mirror, pins, light, fragments of wooden chair.

Exhibited: General Public gallery, Berlin, 2011, STUK Centre for Art, Leuven, 2011.

Artist Brandon LaBelle invited us to participate in a project he was developing for an evolving and touring exhibition. He writes: ‘The project is developed as a conversation between sound and architecture. Working with architects, designers and artists from around the world, I sent them three audio recordings of my apartment in Berlin. Attempting to sound out the space, the recordings document the ambient, material and dimensional aspects of the apartment. The participants were then given the task of making a physical model of the apartment by using the sounds as their only source of information. In this way, a process of translation and interpretation developed, incorporating an understanding, however factual or fantastical, of the auditory into rendering a spatial form.’ Our response to Brandon’s sound recordings was to create a model and accompanying text, shown here as it is published in the catalogue.


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