Utopian talk-show line-up (G-M), 2012-2014

The video clips you see below consitute a growing anthology. They are arranged alphabetically by author. You may play them one at a time or several at once. The texts chosen by readers all imagine and attend to the ‘architecture’ of utopia. This collection of readings, gathered from the utopian talk-show line-up events and from the online community aims to act as a testimony to our collective desire to image difference. Thanks to the host organisations, to all our readers and to our intern Libby Clayton. For more information.

Structured alphabetically by author of reading.

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  Allen Ginsberg ‘Reality Sandwiches 1953-60’, City Lights Pocket Poets Series, Number 18 (2005) read by Lena Mattsson
David Graeber, ‘Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit’ in The Baffler (No. 19) (2010) at https://www.thebaffler.com/past/issue/number_nineteen read by Gene-George Earle
  Notes of found graffiti from the walls of Paris from the 1968 riots read by Ole Lykke Andersen
  Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior, ‘Life as Joy, Duty, End’. speech delivered to the Bar Association of Boston, 7th March 1900 in Jane Jacobs (1961) ‘The Death and Life of Great American Cities’ read by Maria Engberg
Aldous Huxley ‘Island’ (1962) in John Carey (ed.) ‘The Faber Book of Utopias’ Faber and Faber (1999) p. 448 read by Marie-Anne McQuay
The Invisible Committee ‘The Coming Insurrection’ La Fabrique (2007) p. 19 read by Ida Börjel
  Jane Jacobs ‘The Death and Life of Great American Cities’, (1961) p. 41 read by Maria Engberg
Chris Kraus, ‘Where Art Belongs’ MIT Press (2011) p.58-59, 155-171 read by Gillian Wylde
Jimenez Lai, ‘Citizens of No Place’ Princeton Architectural Press (2012) p.22, 64, 90, 104 read by Apexa Patel
  Romas Lileikis ‘The Constitution of Uzupis’ (1st April 1997) The Republic of Uzupis homepage read by Ole Lykke Andersen
  Reinhold Martin ‘Utopia’s Ghost’, University of Minnesota Press, (2010) p. 176 read by Fredrik Torrisson
  Doreen Massey, ‘Opening Propositions’ in ‘For Space’ Sage Publications (2005) p. 9 read by Kathrin Bohm
  Nicholas Mirzoeff, blog at http://www.nicholasmirzoeff.com/O2012/2012/11/10/doing-while-thinking/ read by Liam Devlin
William Morris, ‘Going Nowhere’ in ‘News from Nowhere’ (1891) in John Carey (ed.), ‘The Faber Book of Utopias’ Faber and Faber (1999) p. 317 read by Marie-Anne McQuay

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