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Solidarity Line, 2018

Proposition No. 27.

Dimensions: 30 x 21cm.

Materials: Multiple copies of printed paper in the form of a tear-a-way pad.

Exhibited: Days of Action at Tate Modern, London, 2018.

From the series ‘Days of Action’ that explores the affective force and political unconscious of architecture. Text of the proposition includes:

Call to the building’s community for action. Form a line linking arms with your neighbours and take a tight hold of your wrists. Resist the urge to talk. Focus on sensory experiences, feel the tension of the line – a force larger than one’s self. As one line: move with the topography of the architecture / stop / start / find highs and lows / map dimensions and respond to built geometries / trace tangents / fold / flex and reflex / pivot from the centre / pivot from a corner / explore closed volumes and open spaces / enclose / lean / pack / press / adapt to disequilibrium and the unevenness of planes / reverse / ripple and surge. Navigate with collective intelligence. Maintain the formation of the line and a common feeling.

#daysofaction #solidarityline #warrenandmosley

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