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Rogue Game at the Showroom, 2010

Collaborator: Can Altay

Commissioning organisation: The Showroom, London

Works: ‘Rogue Game’, First Play 2010′, ‘Rogue Game Replay 2010’

For The Showroom commission Rogue Game took the form of an off-site event and an installation within the gallery in the context of Can Altay’s show, ‘The Church Street Partners Gazette’. A disused sports pitch within the neighbourhood of Church Street, London is reopened for a performance of Rogue Game. The reopening of this pitch for a one-off game involved the painting of the court lines. Communities of players local to the Borough of Westminster are invited to meet and play Rogue Game. The game brings together three different sports staged simultaneously on the same pitch, each game played according to its own rules. Through the simple overlaying of time the event throws the players into unknown territories within established frameworks for play.  Known rules are exchanged for new ever-changing rules. Rogue Game proposes another kind of logic for how we might occupy space and how through the informal possibilities of play resist or destabilize accepted boundaries of territory, use and behaviour.

‘Rogue Game Re-play’, a 3 channel installation is installed in the gallery. The footage of ‘Rogue Game, First Play’ interspersed with colour frames stages the court arena as a place for new and renewed partnerships between players extending the show’s concerns for partnership, boundaries, transformation and community.

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Rogue Game, First Play, 2010

Collaborator: Can Altay

Collaborating organisation: The Showroom, London

Event: Proposition No.17

Seek out an indoor sports hall with markings of at least three different game courts or pitches overlaid.
Enlist teams of players for each game.
On court assemble the players dressed to indicate team and game.
On the whistle, simultaneously all games begin.
Each game is played for its official duration.

Characteristics of Rogue Game – playing amongst obstacles / advance and advantage / negotiation / collision / fracturing of order / stalling / stops / starts / feinting / indecision / clashes between balls / swapping of games by players / interruption / rhythm and counter-rhythm / synchronization / syncopation / redundancy / non-accidentals / contra-action / contingent moves – liable but not certain to happen.

Participating teams: City of Westminster College – basketball team; My City Too – volleyball team; WhiteKat Football – student soccer team

Commentator: Cory Wharton-Malcolm

Location: Eden House Estate, Penfold Street, London

Date:  27th November 2010


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